Freedom to stream is a platform for streamers that is striving to change the way people approach streaming.

Changing the streaming industry

Our vision

We at believe that the streaming industry has a lot of potential that is still left unused. is aiming to be that bridge between fun, engaging and high quality content. At the end of 2020, our team started working on, our solution to streaming music. At the start of our project, we just wanted to create this application for our own streams. Not being able to play music took away a lot of fun that we had while livestreaming. After a few months of building this platform, we started getting requests from streamers that wanted to see the platform go public. Thus, we decided that we would build a professional platform, to create something that a lot of other people can enjoy as well.


A word from us

Thank you for believing started off as a passion-project with some friends. I know copyright and DMCA is a very large problem in the streaming industry right now. It was just a matter of time before streaming platforms like Twitch would get hit with big copyright claims and such, resulting in an industry that’s dying for a solution. Not being able to play music on stream took out a large portion of the fun streaming brought for me, I had to find a way. So I gathered some of my technicals friends and we started brainstorming, resulting in I know it sounds corny, but it’s true: SLNT has been built from scratch by streamers, for streamers. We truly believe our platform can assist a lot of streamers and want to keep in touch with the community as much as possible. I think that we can quickly adjust to the industry and by listening closely to feedback, we can make this a long term project that a LOT of people can enjoy.



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