Have full control over your stream by syncing music that you're listening to with your viewers. Even copyrighted music.

Focus on your stream

Bring back the fun

Copyright and DMCA is a very large problem in the streaming industry right now. With .music we offer you a solution to this problem: a tool to sync your music with your viewers, allowing you to play copyrighted music while streaming.

Keeping music to yourself

You can see us as an intermediary between you, the viewer and the original owner of the content. By splitting off your music audio line we make sure that the music is inaudible on stream.

Everyone’s a winner

We then embed the original video and sync it with you and your viewers. Every view will count towards the original content owner. Thus, the original content creators and YouTube receive their proper monetization.

alright, so how do my viewers join in on my session?

Viewer receives a notification

Our Browser Extension

Your viewers can listen along with the Chrome or Firefox extension. These embed the music directly into the stream. Don’t want to download the extension? No problem! It’s also possible to listen along in a new tab by going to your session URL.

We do the heavy lifting

When the viewer joins your session, .music starts playing the video(s) you’re listening to / watching at that exact moment. You don’t have to worry about any delays, we’ll take care of all of that!


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